Prince Ali: WAFF supports the Saudi bid to host the 2034 World Cup

His Highness Prince Ali bin Al Hussein affirmed the West Asian Football Federation’s absolute support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its bid to host the 2034 World Cup.

Prince Ali, President of WAFF, pointed out that the Saudi Federation’s progress to host the World Cup is a pride, and at the same time requires providing supportive and assisting roles to contribute to entrusting the organization of the 2034 World Cup to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

His Highness said: Since its establishment, the WAFF has based its tasks and responsibilities on unity of ranks and unified efforts aimed at supporting football in the region and the Arab region, and based on this message we confirm the absolute support of the Executive Committee of WAFF for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that Its success is considered a success for everyone, and a major step towards of brilliance future promising more prosperity.

Prince Ali added: The WAFF believes in the ability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to present a file that includes the highest levels, in comparison with the permanent presence of the kingdom on the global sports map, and in view of its clear positive contributions at various levels, and its always pioneering role in supporting youth, sports and football especially.

His Highness Prince Ali stressed that the WAFF will harness all its capabilities to support the Saudi Federation and stand side by side with it during its candidacy race to host the largest and most important football event in the world, and he expressed his hope that this file will receive broad support, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is capable and confidently of organizing an exceptional World Cup.