West Asian Football Federation preserves to organize many championships and activities for all age groups and both genders, distributing these activities among the various Member Associations in confirmation of it’s comprehensive mission aimed at developing all components of football in the region.

West Asian Football Federation is also keen to activate it’s administrative role by organizing or supervising many events, workshops, and courses concerned with the development of football pillars, in addition to it’s social responsibility and the implementation of many programs in this regard; and the strategy is generally based on:

  • Developing and strengthening the football standard in the region by providing national teams with the best opportunity to compete at the highest level.
  • Growing and promoting women football by providing the necessary technical and educational tools to Member Associations.
  • Enhancing and raising the quality of grassroots development and youth football in the region by organizing competitive and high-level tournaments to increase participation for both genders.
  • Establishing partnerships and cooperation pacts with confederations, other regional federation and individual member associations.
  • Encouraging coach and referee education by improving access to educational tools through the organization of seminars, lectures and workshops on a regional level.
  • Contributing towards social development through active involvement in CSR activities.
  • Creating a knowledge-sharing platform for Member Associations to share experiences and best practices amongst them.