The coaches of the 7 teams: Reviving the beach soccer tournament is an ideal step

The coaches of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Palestine, Emirates and Bahrain considered that the West Asian Football Federation take an ideal and positive step through revival the beach soccer championship.
The City of Jizan – Saudi Arabia will host the second edition of the West Asian Beach Soccer Championship From May 18 to 23, 2022, which will be held with the participation of 7 national associations and sponsored by PepsiCo “Aquafina”.
On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the press conference was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Jizan, in the presence of the coaches of the participating countries as follows: Ramiro Amarel (Emirates), Ahmed Abdel Razek (Kuwait), Khaled Berjawi (Lebanon), Talib Hilal (Oman), Joja Zlokovic (Saudi Arabia), Sadeq Marhoon (Bahrain), and Imad El Din Hashem (Palestine).
All coaches agreed on the importance of the tournament, which came after a break since 2013, as it gave an opportunity for the West Asian teams to compete in a competitive stage in the absence of many tournaments for this sector at the level of the region.
Meanwhile, The coaches thanked the West Asian Federation for organizing the tournament again and expressed their confidence that it will ensure its continuity due to its clear efforts to support and develop football in the region in general and in a various sectors.
The coaches also pointed out that beach soccer, which has a notable number of teams in the region, a rich history and remarkable achievements at the continental level in the past years, has recently begun to regain its brilliance, and they stressed the need to organize more tournaments to enhance the gains that are achieved from this tournament in particular.
They also reviewed the recent preparations of their teams and their goals in the tournament, and despite their emphasis on the brotherly atmosphere, the competition for the title will remain the focus of their attention, as this contributes to translating their future plans and pushes the West Asian teams to reach the world faster.
Coordination meeting
And before the press conference, the same place witnessed the coordination meeting of the championship.
Orouba Al Hussaini, Director of Administrative Affairs in the West Asian Football Federation, welcomed the participating teams, and praised the Saudi Federation for hosting the tournament and for the renewed cooperation with it, which will continue through other hosts in the near future.
Al Hussaini conveyed the appreciation of the WAFF to the Saudi Federation, and to all parties in the Jazan region for facilitating all matters and aspects related to the organization and for the hospitality and reception and keenness to provide the requirements for the success of the tournament, and expressed her gratitude to the World Beach Soccer Organization “BSWW”, which the tournament is held within the agreement between both sides, which included many technical and administrative programs and activities.
On the other hand, Ahmed Al Bahrani, director of the tournament, on behalf of the Saudi Federation, renewed the welcome to the participating teams and the supervisory delegations, and stressed that the success of the tournament is a common goal that everyone seeks to achieve, through concerted efforts, harnessing capabilities and overcoming any obstacles.
Furthermore, Abeer Al Rantissi, the director of competitions in WAFF and the supervision of the tournament, reviewed all the technical and administrative instructions, in addition to fixing lists of the participating teams, handing over the accreditation cards of players and administrators, and determining the colors of the teams’ clothing in all matches.
For his part, the Emirati Ibrahim Al Mansoori, referees official, presented the affairs related to refereeing, the law of the game and the updates that have occurred to it internationally.
Moreover, The Saudi Federation had completed the preparation of the Jazan Beach Stadium in cooperation with the Jazan region, with a capacity of 2,210 fans, as the stadium is located in the North Corniche.
Also, It was decided that entry to the championship matches would be free for individuals and families, with the presence of a number of folkloric activities and entertainment shows.
In addition, the tournament will start on May 18, 2022, with three matches between the Emirates and Oman (17:00 Saudi time), followed by the match between Kuwait and Lebanon (18:30), and then Palestine will play against Saudi Arabia at (20:00).
The tournament concludes on May 23, so that each group plays its matches on the league system from one stage, so that the first and second places qualify for the semi-finals, and then the winners from the two matches of this round will move to the final match, and in return the teams that did not qualify for the semi-finals will play to determine the positions From 5 to 7 in a single-stage league system.